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Hospital beds are specialized beds designed to provide comfort, safety, and medical support to patients during their stay in hospitals or healthcare facilities. These beds are essential in managing the care and treatment of patients with various medical conditions and mobility needs. Hospital beds are equipped with features that allow healthcare professionals to adjust the position and elevation of the bed to meet the specific requirements of the patient and the medical procedures being performed.

Key features of hospital beds include adjustable height, head and foot positioning, and side railings to prevent falls. Some beds also come with additional features like built-in electronic controls, weight sensors, and pressure-relieving mattresses to enhance patient comfort and facilitate nursing care. Hospital beds are available in different types, including standard medical beds, intensive care unit (ICU) beds, pediatric beds, and specialized beds for bariatric patients.

The proper selection and use of hospital beds are crucial in ensuring patient safety, preventing pressure ulcers, and supporting efficient healthcare delivery. Healthcare facilities consider factors such as patient needs, medical requirements, and infection control measures when choosing the appropriate hospital beds for their settings.
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